Our Team

We hire and train world class analysts, facilitators, and problem solvers that are adept at navigating cross-cultural and cross-sector relationships.

Resonance is comprised of frontier market, impact investment, and global development professionals. Collectively we speak over 25 languages, with experience in over 80 countries.

Our team has experience in sectors as diverse as renewable energy, agriculture, and civil society. We come from a range of institutions, including multi-national corporations, NGOs, and development organizations, but we all share a passion for working towards a prosperous world of thriving markets, healthy ecosystems, and safe communities.

Leadership Team

Nazgul Abdrazakova
Steve Schmida
Chief Innovation Officer
Steve Pelliccia
Vice President of Government Services
Tim Noel
Chief Financial Officer
Elisabeth Harris
Director of Human Resources
James Bernard
Vice President of Corporate Sustainability
Brett Johnson
Director of Inclusive Markets
Kristin Beyard
Deputy Director, Inclusive Markets
Tait Wardlaw
Director of Marketing
Carrie Conway
Director of Secure Communities & Human Capital
Charlotte Mack-Heller
Director of Natural Capital