Underlying our work, is a belief in market-driven solutions to the world’s toughest development challenges. For over a decade, Resonance has been bridging the gap between global development agendas and private sector interests to deliver poverty alleviation and business growth. These are lasting solutions that will make a difference in lives and communities long after development funding ends.

Our experience at this intersection has given us a front row seat to the evolution of global development and the exciting trends that are starting to emerge.

It is no secret that private-sector actors are increasing their level of engagement in frontier and emerging markets. Driven by the need for growth and opportunities to reach new customers, companies are spending billions of dollars annually to access these markets. Despite the high level of spending to open markets, companies are hitting barriers to growth that are seemingly peripheral to the intended business objectives.  Challenges such as the lack of connectivity and electricity, or low levels education and/or workforce skills can seem like a distraction to core business objectives but are issues that need to be addressed for businesses to succeed in these frontier markets.

Companies are very aware of these challenges and have been building their assets and capabilities to that end. Some of the leading companies are hiring international professionals, have teams dedicated to partnership building, and staff in Washington immersed in the global development conversation.  As we approach this next decade, we believe the private sector will continue to push these boundaries and become more active in not only participating, but driving the global development agenda.

At Resonance, we believe it is an exciting time ahead. We work closely with companies, investors and development organizations to prepare for this new era of private sector-led development.  We are working with corporations, development partners, investors and foundations to unlock opportunities and deliver results on the ground.  To that end, we have recently re-aligned our company and service offerings to better serve our cross-sector clients in this evolving development landscape.

New Service Areas

Corporate Sustainability
Scaling CSR programs, executing cause campaigns, or achieving a social license to operate. Resonance has the creative vision to tackle your sustainability challenges and the local knowledge to get it done. Learn More


Impact Investing
Serving individuals, companies, and donor institutions who are looking to deploy and mobilize impact capital in frontier markets. Resonance has the global networks to help clients uncover new and innovative impact investment opportunities. Learn More


Unlocking Frontier Markets
Unlocking value in even the most daunting of frontier markets. From innovative business model design to navigating complex local dynamics, Resonance has the creative vision to tackle your challenges and the local knowledge to get it done. Learn More


Global Development
Addressing the world’s toughest global development challenges with cross-sector solutions. We leverage our global expertise, local insight, and cross-sector experience to help clients build market-led solutions. Learn More