Global Development

Addressing the world’s toughest global challenges with cross-sector solutions.

Secure Communities

In stable environments, entrepreneurs can open new businesses, companies can safely invest their resources, children can go to school, and governments and citizens can work together to protect natural resources. But in countries and communities burdened by conflict, violent extremism (VE), human rights violations, lack of governance, and high rates of crime and violence, the opportunities for growth and development are severely impacted. At Resonance, we help clients develop multidisciplinary, locally-relevant, and evidence-based solutions to navigate and address today’s evolving conflicts.

Engaging Communities

Resonance helps clients navigate complex environments and improve governance through targeted community engagement programs. We use proven analytical tools and a participatory approach to help clients understand drivers of community conflict as well as sources of resilience. We design community engagement strategies that empower local stakeholders and improve dialogue.

Preventing and Countering Violent Extremism (VE)

At Resonance, we have deep experience in building the capacity of donors, local governments, civil society, and local stakeholders to develop strategies to address the root causes of VE.

Shared Value Partnerships

There is an increasing need for evidence-based and cross-sectoral approaches to democracy and governance challenges around the world. Resonance helps clients build and manage partnerships and collective impact initiatives designed to bring together civil society, the private sector, and governments to improve governance, enhance transparency, and strengthen accountability.

Evaluation and Analysis in the World’s Most Complex Environments for Evidence-Based Change

We understand the critical need for evidence-based programming in insecure, conflict-affected, and inaccessible regions of the world. We specialize in a rigorous mixed-methods approach to provide context-specific analysis in complex environments. Whether it is conducting an assessment to identify opportunities for public-private partnerships to support conflict prevention in West Africa, or evaluating security sector programing in Central America and Palestine, we provide locally-informed and actionable recommendations to our clients.