Global Development

Addressing the world’s toughest global challenges with cross-sector solutions.

Renewable Energy

Electricity, along with other modern energy, is a critical enabler in economies today, powering everything from transportation and communications to cooking and lighting. It is hard to imagine what the world would look like today without electricity ― but that is the reality for the more than 1 billion people today who live without it. Renewable energy can help increase access to electricity while simultaneously reducing overall carbon intensity. Resonance helps clients navigate the challenges of developing, financing, and implementing renewable energy projects, both on and off the grid.


We help project sponsors navigate the complexities of raising capital from the beginning of the project to the very end. Whether you are raising equity to conduct early-stage technical feasibility assessments or negotiating terms with an investor for a revolutionary solar mini-grid business, our renewable energy specialists can help. Our experience includes successfully raising capital for a wide range of renewable energy projects, including small-scale (<10 MW) independent power producers as well as off-grid energy solutions utilizing solar, hydropower, and biomass.

Strategic Advisory

We help our clients analyze markets and design well-informed interventions to meet their objectives. These services include conducting landscape assessments, performing market research, and developing actionable approaches to drive change in targeted areas and sectors.

Shared Value Partnerships

Resonance offers clients expertise in identifying, developing, and implementing impactful shared value partnerships among multiple stakeholders including governments, industry leaders, and donors. We help clients leverage these collaborative energies and focus them into actionable relationships that can improve the enabling environment and drive adoption of renewable energy.