Global Development

Addressing the world’s toughest global challenges with cross-sector solutions.

Design and Innovation Services

At Resonance, we help our clients overcome complex business and development challenges in frontier markets. We look for opportunities to align the interests of governments, businesses, innovators, and civil society to design and propel market-oriented solutions that advance business objectives and sustainable development goals.

For both our commercial and government clients, we take a complete ecosystem approach to develop solutions that last. We map the landscape, uncover local champions, and accelerate promising innovations that fit and thrive in the local context.

Enterprise Acceleration

Resonance’s acceleration services are based on interviews with hundreds of businesses and impact investors on how to scale solutions in frontier markets. For instance, our rapid solution diagnostic tools help our clients determine the feasibility and readiness of new supply chain solutions, such as blockchain, precision agriculture, or behavior change communications. Similarly, Resonance’s enterprise acceleration advisory services help companies overcome market barriers common to frontier markets, such as poor infrastructure, limited customer purchasing power, and a lack of quality distributors and manufacturers.

Innovation Ecosystem Strengthening

Resonance staff are proven business ecosystem integrators with deep experience living and working in frontier markets. Our assessments, trainings, and advisory support uncover new ways for our clients to engage with an array of stakeholders on the ground—such as startups, small and medium enterprises (SMEs), donors, major brands, producers, impact investors, and civil society—to help entrepreneurs find the partners and support they need to test, refine, and scale their solutions.

Open Innovation

Resonance is a leader in helping organizations develop and deploy open innovation tactics to source new products, processes, and solutions to business, social, and environmental challenges in frontier markets. Our open innovation portfolio includes our tailored executive trainings, challenge design and management services, and co-creation facilitation.