Resonance is increasing the capacity of municipalities in Bosnia and Herzegovina to harness private sector resources for local economic development through public-private partnerships, as part of the USAID Sida Growth-Oriented Local Development (GOLD) project.

Resonance kicked off the project’s partnership identification process during a series of workshops for municipal economic development professionals that generated more than 150 partnership ideas, from geothermal exploration to underground garages. The GOLD team is now screening partnership concepts based on two types of decision factors:

  1. Impact – To what extent will the partnership create jobs and spur investment, sales, and exports? How aligned are the partnership outcomes with the core interests of prospective private sector partners?
  2. Feasibility – Is the partnership appropriate and likely to succeed given the resource constraints of the municipality, the GOLD project, and prospective private sector partners?

This month Resonance will finalize concept documents for partnerships that the GOLD project team and municipalities would like to pursue. These documents will describe accomplishments to date and issues to consider during the partnership formalization process.