Burlington is vibrant, entrepreneurial and historic, yet innovative. Since Resonance first opened our doors in Burlington, Vermont in 2005, we’ve meandered from a small, shared office in the heart of downtown to a bright converted mill building with space for a growing staff and an enviable perch overlooking the Winooski River. Along the way, we have built a reputation for innovation in sustainable development, anchored by a company-wide passion for creativity and a culture that embraces new perspectives on and approaches to the development challenges to which we dedicate our careers.

The fact that Resonance has thrived here in Burlington is no accident. As is the case with most businesses, Resonance’s culture mirrors its surroundings, and Burlington offers a vibrant backdrop of startups, social enterprises, and non-profits that feed on the city’s energetic, progressive vibe. Craft beer and farm-to-table food aside, Burlington has long been home to entrepreneurs that want to do business differently. Last month, Forbes named Burlington as one of the top 10 innovative tech hubs in the US, placing it alongside the likes of San Francisco, Seattle, and Boston. Resonance has grown out of this same fabric, and it’s easy to see the link between the surrounding community and our emergent staff culture.

This year, Burlington became the first city of its size to fulfill all of its energy needs with renewables. A combination of hydroelectric dams, biomass plants, and wind farms, along with increasingly prolific distributed solar installations, produce enough electricity to power the city’s homes and businesses year-round. This achievement is a prime example of the groundbreaking outcomes that constantly emerge from a Burlington community committed to finding new ways of making itself better. Resonance is proud to share the same impulse, and, even as we grow offices in Washington D.C. and elsewhere, Burlington’s creative culture and commitment to sustainable business will continue to be reflected in our DNA.