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North America

With three offices and experience in more than 60 countries around the world, Resonance’s global reach provides clients with the skills, insights and experience needed to navigate a new market, devise a sustainability strategy or make investments with impact.  From our Vermont headquarters and offices in Washington, DC and Seattle, we help a wide array of commercial, non-profit, investor and global development clients navigate and succeed in frontier markets.

Latin America & The Caribbean

Latin America is an incredibly diverse and rapidly changing region.  Our in-house expertise offers clients access to deep insights in this rapidly changing part of the world.  We create value for clients through strengthening supply chains, improving educational outcomes of the workforce and enhancing the ability of law enforcement, communities and companies to combat crime.

Europe & Eurasia

Resonance helps clients navigate one of the most complex and challenging regions in the world.  We enable our clients to build strong relations with communities, expand markets and strengthen their local workforce.  Our team possesses rich experience across the Eurasia region from the vineyards of Moldova to the gold mines of Siberia.

Asia Pacific

Asia is home to half the world’s consumers and is driving global economic growth. With deep roots across the region, Resonance helps clients strengthen their supply chains through award-winning partnerships across public, private and civil society sectors. We are catalyzing the region’s emergent impact investor community through smart investment strategies in a range of sectors from renewable energy to sustainable seafood.

Middle East & North Africa

We help clients build strong and resilient relationships with communities, companies and civil society groups across the Middle East.  Our deep regional expertise enables clients to navigate this large and incredibly complex region.

Sub-Saharan Africa

Africa is rising.  A growing urban middle class and increasing investment in many are fueling growth and increasing opportunities for a wide range of companies.  With full-time staff located across the continent, Resonance has the team and the experience to help clients capitalize on these opportunities through new market entry, strategic partnerships and impact investment advisory services.