Impact Investing

Serving investors and entrepreneurs to return profits and create impact

Resonance serves individuals, companies, and donor institutions that are looking to deploy and mobilize impact capital in frontier markets.  With our extensive presence across Asia, Africa, and Latin America, we have the presence and the networks to help clients uncover new and innovative impact investment opportunities. We do more than just review pitch decks and businesses.  Leveraging our proprietary Sustainable Investment Facilitation Toolkit (SIFT), we work alongside clients to create and develop market-led solutions. Read below for more information on our tools.

Strategy Development

Resonance helps clients develop impact investment strategies in frontier markets that are guided by realities on the ground. Our firm’s extensive experience working in frontier markets enables our clients to design customized impact investment strategies and implementation plans that maximize financial, social, and environmental returns.

Opportunity Identification and Evaluation

Identifying quality impact investment opportunities in frontier markets is a challenge for those without a local presence. At Resonance, we leverage our wide breadth of sectoral and field experience to develop a pipeline of impact investing opportunities for our clients. We also provide due diligence services support to screen and prioritize opportunities based on our client’s mandate.

Implementation and Transaction Support

Operationalizing a promising impact investment opportunity is never easy, particularly in frontier markets. Resonance helps clients realize their impact investment goals with hands-on transaction and implementation support – whether it is helping clients close with investors, making the right connections with relevant stakeholders, or establishing local operations in a new market. We’ve helped clients in some of the world’s toughest markets achieve their impact investment objectives to drive social and environmental change through the deployment of private sector capital.


Our Sustainable Investment Facilitation Toolkit (SIFT) offers clients a proven approach to sourcing, screening and facilitating a wide range of investments.

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