Global Development

Addressing the world’s toughest global challenges with cross-sector solutions.

Technologies for Development (ICT4D)

At Resonance, we focus on helping clients develop strategies to ensure that the right technologies are leveraged to achieve impact. But we do more than just strategize. We enable clients to pilot and scale new technology solutions in frontier markets, reaching new customer segments and creating opportunities to expand their markets. Our extensive network of donors, NGOs, investors, and government leaders provides clients with the partnerships they need to succeed.

Strategy Development

Resonance brings in-country experience and proven expertise developing actionable strategies for deploying and scaling ICT solutions in frontier markets. We combine keen analysis with local insight to map the landscape of markets and stakeholders, identify opportunities, and assess consumer needs. We give clients a roadmap to succeed ― and make a positive impact.

Technology Assessments

Resonance helps development organizations better understand the technology landscape in frontier markets ― from mobile technologies, to cloud computing, to last-mile connectivity, to the Internet of Things. Our Technology Assessments provide clients with a nuanced understanding of how various ICTs can be best leveraged to achieve greater social and economic impact in areas such as education, health, agriculture, and environment.

Piloting and Scaling Technology Solutions for Impact

We work with clients to design and test new business models, forge shared-value partnerships, and leverage capital from investors and donors to help take pilots to scale. We provide world-class project management and implementation capabilities to ensure success and measure impact.

Strategic Partnership Development

Technology companies and international development organizations often have the same goals but very different means of achieving them. Our Technology Team helps navigate the differences between these two worlds. We design, broker, and implement complex multi-stakeholder partnerships, helping ensure that there is shared value between all partners.