Despite an overwhelming number of public, private, and civil society initiatives to combat forced labor and human trafficking, solutions remain nascent, fragmented, and miss the root causes. This is due to the sheer complexity of the issue, and the fact that what occurs deep within corporate supply chains is often unknown, at best, and illegal, at worst. Among the illegal acts associated with forced labor and human trafficking are bribery, corruption, and money laundering.

Companies face significant threats to both their reputation and profitability due to increased public attention to forced labor and human trafficking―even if they are unaware of problems deep within their supply chains.

Resonance is engaging companies, NGOs, and governments to work together to find solutions to address the root causes of forced labor and human trafficking. We are helping global brands and retailers increase their impact within their vast supply chains all the way to the source, where migrant workers produce inputs such as rubber, palm oil, and sugar. By facilitating better information, concrete solutions, and trusted collaboration, we believe companies, governments, and NGOs can disrupt the root causes of forced labor and human trafficking, such as debt bondage. We help stakeholders to collaboratively solve the toughest development and business challenges.

by Katherine Daniels

Katherine Daniels has 20 years of experience working in international development and corporate responsibility throughout Africa, Latin America, and Asia. She is currently a Senior Project Manager at Resonance, where she designs and implements public-private partnerships in health, education, workforce development, and labor rights, with a focus on forced labor and human trafficking.